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The several different writers used for the Bun Notice television series each bring their own styles, expertise and interests which might be noticed by a careful viewer. Matt Nix, the creator, does seem to exercise a large amount of "hands-on" control over each episode and many of them seem to use a "collaborative approach" to the scrips; however, some unique differences can still be noticed.

The "main author(s)" of each episode are listed along with a link to that episode, should you like to read it. Every effort has been made to obtain the most authoritative source of such information – short of receiving a copy of the official script of course.  

Alfredo Barrios Jr.

(4)—Old Friends; (9)—Hard Bargain ; (12)—Loose Ends 2; (14)—Turn and Burn; (19)—Rough Seas; (21)—Good Soldier; (26)—Truth and Reconciliation; (30)—Question and Answer; (39)—Friendly Fire; (47)—Made Man; (54)—Hard Time; (64)—Bloodlines; (72)—Army Of One; (82)—Mixed Messages; (88)—Unchained

Ben Watkins

(10)—False Flag; (17)—Scatter Point; (23)—Hot Spot; (35)—Shot in the Dark; (40)—Noble Causes; (48)—Breach of Faith; (59)—Brotherly Love; (66)—No Good Deed; (76)—Breaking Point; (79)—Acceptable Loss; (83)—Last Rights; (93)—Over the Line

Bridget Tyler

(89)—Official Business

Craig S. O’Neill

(3)—Fight or Flight; (8)—Wanted Man; (11)—Loose Ends 1 (Dead Drop); (20)—Double Booked; (27)—Sins of Omission; (31)—End Run; (37)—Long Way Back; (50)—Entry Point; (61)—Out of the Fire; (69)—Besieged; (77)—Necessary Evil; (90)—Desperate Times

Daniel Tuch

(94)—Down and Out

Jason Ning


Jason Tracey

(3)—Fight or Flight; (8)—Wanted Man; (11)—Loose Ends 1 (Dead Drop); (15)—Trust Me; (20)—Double Booked; (27)—Sins of Omission; (33)—Signals and Codes; (41)—Enemies Closer; (51)—Past and Future Tense; (57)—Eyes Open; (68)—Enemy Of My Enemy; (74)—Dead to Rights; (86)—Shock Wave

Lisa Joy

(34)—The Hunter; (52)—Where There’s Smoke; (60)—Dead or Alive; (73)—Better Halves

Matt Nix

(1)—Pilot; (2)—Identity; (5)—Family Business; (18)—Bad Blood; (22)—Do No Harm; (23)—Hot Spot; (24)—Seek and Destroy; (25)—Bad Breaks; (26)—Truth and Reconciliation; (28)—Lesser Evil; (29)—Friends and Family; (30)—Question and Answer; (31)—End Run; (32)—Fearless Leader; (33)—Signals and Codes; (35)—Shot in the Dark; (36)—Friends Like These; (37)—Long Way Back; (38)—A Dark Road; (39)—Friendly Fire; (40)—Noble Causes; (42)—Partners in Crime; (43)—Good Intentions; (44)—Devil You Know; (45)—Friends and Enemies; (49)—Neighborhood Watch; (51)—Past and Future Tense; (52)—Where There’s Smoke; (54)—Hard Time; (55)—Blind Spot; (56)—Guilty as Charged; (57)—Eyes Open; (58)—Hot Property; (59)—Brotherly Love; (60)—Dead or Alive; (61)—Out of the Fire; (62)—Last Stand; (63)—Company Man; (68)—Enemy Of My Enemy; (75)—Damned If You Do; (80)—Fail Safe; (81)—Scorched Earth; (84)—Under The Gun; (92)—Means and Ends; (94)—Down and Out

Mere Smith

(7)—Broken Rules

Michael Horowitz

(13)—Breaking and Entering; (14)—Turn and Burn; (15)—Trust Me; (16)—Comrades; (17)—Scatter Point; (18)—Bad Blood; (19)—Rough Seas; (20)—Double Booked; (21)—Good Soldier; (22)—Do No Harm; (25)—Bad Breaks; (27)—Sins of Omission; (32)—Fearless Leader; (42)—Partners in Crime; (49)—Neighborhood Watch; (55)—Blind Spot; (65)—Mind Games; (71)—Eye For An Eye; (91)—Desparate Measures

Nick Thiel

(6)—Unpaid Debts

Peter Lalayanis

(53)—Center of the Storm; (67)—Square One; (78)—Depth Perception; (85)—Split Decision

Rashad Raisani

(13)—Breaking and Entering; (14)—Turn and Burn; (15)—Trust Me; (16)—Comrades; (17)—Scatter Point; (18)—Bad Blood; (19)—Rough Seas; (20)—Double Booked; (21)—Good Soldier; (22)—Do No Harm; (24)—Seek and Destroy; (27)—Sins of Omission; (36)—Friends Like These; (43)—Good Intentions; (46)—Fast Friends; (58)—Hot Property; (66)—No Good Deed; (70)—Hard Out; (76)—Breaking Point; (87)—Reunion; (95)—Best Laid Plans

Ryan Johnson

(34)—The Hunter; (53)—Center of the Storm; (67)—Square One; (78)—Depth Perception; (85)—Split Decision

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