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Burn Notice Family and Friendlies, Single and Recurring

Good Friendlies

Mostly 'over-the-table' characters who like and have been, or could be, useful to Mike.
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Agent Brady Pressman (Chad Coleman)

Photo of Chad Coleman playing Burn Notice TV character Agent Brady Pressman
The CIA agent from Langley who was heading up the investigation of Anson Fullerton and took it personally when he wasn't able to locate and bring him in successfully. He was sent, by Agent Card, to head the operation in Panama to locate and bring in Tyler Gray with Mike, Jesse, Fiona and Sam. He did everything he could to do things correctly but was caught up in Fiona's childish tantrums. He disclosed to Mike that while he was watching a Red Sox game, his mom got a call that his dad, who was an Army Ranger, had been killed. It was a week before his 14th birthday. When he turned eighteen he joined the Army so he go kill the guy who killed his dad. He told Mike that he never got the guy but would be 'damned if he didn't help him find the guy who killed your brother.'
Mike aided him through the operation but he was wounded and, considering himself to be merely a hindrance, he let the others out of the car and drove off to attract the stinger missile that was incoming from the military jet that Card had sent after them.
Seen in episodes: 90

Agent 'You' Raines (Dylan Baker)

Burn Notice TV character Agent 'You' Raines played by Dylan Baker, photo
An upper-echelon CIA agent who initially recruited Michael Weston.  Michael called him “you” when he recognized him coming out of the building where he had been unceremoniously dropped on the sidewalk after his interrogation. 'You' seemed an amiable enough guy who symbolically invited Michael to come inside 'out of the cold.' His 'invite' was so different in tenor from how we've seen Michael treated the whole series, that it nearly hit us over the head.  Coming into the building was clearly solely up to Michael's preference without threats. 'You' called Michael the 'unstoppable SOB that I recruited all those years ago' then said that he had forgotten 'what a pain in the ass you could be.'
Seen in episodes: 62, 63

Campbell (Gary Weeks)

Photo of Gary Weeks playing Burn Notice TV character Campbell
A paramedic who somehow became acquainted with Fiona and text her for a date. Fiona decided to use him as a club against MW in order to try and get him to show her more attention.  She really turned on the heat with Campbell and usually manipulated them to be located near or around M so she could see how M reacted.  Because of the nature of their lives Fiona needed Campbell to help with their various schemes and incredibly he was able to 'borrow' an entire ambulance without needing to account for its whereabouts.  He did become overwhelmed with the couple of jobs he helped them with; so, eventually told her that he was just the 'person you fooled around with and borrowed ambulances from' and thus making her his ex-girlfriend [it is doubtful that he was really ever her boyfriend].
Seen in episodes: 20, 21, 22

Diego Garza (Otto Sanchez)

Burn Notice TV character Diego Garza played by Otto Sanchez, photo
A spy for 20 years with the Company, saw villages burned, children orphaned, been shot twice and was transferred to Miami. This assignment is what he wants and initially said that if he reported that he had been contacted by a burned spy he had no idea where he would be re-stationed. He will not contact anyone for M and he does not like threats. However, after M used the screen name “michaelheartsdiego” to bid on a stolen artifact on eBay – he had to admit he’d spoken with M and was appointed as Ms point-of-contact in Miami. He received a call from “Washington” to say that Ms burn-notice would be reviewed. Then he gave M instructions on how it would work. And, finally, he called frantic that Strickler was dead and someone was in town to clean up the mess. He didn’t know who to trust even in the agency and someone was after them both. M found him moments later having fallen from his high-rise apartment to the sidewalk.
Current Location: Deceased
Seen in episodes: 33, 35, 36, 37

Elsa (Jennifer Taylor)

Photo of Jennifer Taylor playing Burn Notice TV character Elsa
Although Sam was dating, and talking about, and borrowing from, Elsa long before we ever met her we can instantly see why they are together. A 'closet' adventurous spirit because of her highly-focused business sense and accomplishments, Sam is just the kind of guy she would be attracted to. And being a 'broke-no-nonsense,' 'get things done,' tough-minded gal who admires Sam's experience and common sense, she is the kind of gal Sam can respect enough to really like. She is the widow, owner/manager of a large hotel and as such has many good things in her life which she readily shares with Sam. Her driven nature, business success and wealth however doesn't seem to have left much except the money for her son Evan, who is a nearly-adult spoiled brat who demands that it was his mother's fault that he commit's crimes because 'what else could I do' when she cut off his access to her credit card. Sam, along with help from Jesse and Michael, was able to rescue the boy from two drug lords.
- She brought her car to help rescue Sam, Mike, Fiona and Jesse when they were being pursued by the CIA's Agent Riley and needed to say that Sam had stolen it and she didn't know him shen she was interrogated by the CIA. (94)
Seen in episodes: 87

Esteban (Carlos Jorge Guerrero)

A nine-year-old Panamanian boy who had a cell phone that Sam and Jesse desperately needed to use in order to save Mike (and Grey). Sam introduced himself as 'Carlos' and Jesse jumped in, before Sam could make up something foolish, and said 'I'm Tibbs… they call me senor Tibbs.' When they asked to pay to make a call he told them that his dad had told him that only he could use it, no one else. Then they offered to buy it for $20 - all that they had left. He countered with $40 then walked away when they couldn't do it. Jesse was just lamenting the need to rob a 9-year-old when Sam remembered that he had the super-secret, million-dollar gun sight in his pocket and offered to trade that too. They had a deal and he was so enamored with the new telescope and money that, when the drug dealer came to town trying to find Sam, he called the number to warn his 'buddy' Carlos that they guys were coming after him.
Seen in episodes: 91

Lucy Chen (China Chow)

Burn Notice TV character Lucy Chen played by China Chow, photo
One of two known contacts of Michael Westen's in Miami, excluding family, and she just happens to be not only a friend but a sucker for his 'puppy dog' begging when he wants a favor.  She was Ms protégé when she worked as a spy and credits him for training her.  She works now for SecuriCorp, on Brickell Ave. South, as a security consultant and sends some 'smaller' jobs to both Sam and MW when they need the money. She made a complete false ID for MW in return for accepting a client; unfortunately, the client turned out to be an manipulative assassin.  When the assassin went into 'clean up mode' M had to rescue her from a hired hit and run driver.
Seen in episodes: 1, 10

Marv (Richard Kind)

Photo of Richard Kind playing Burn Notice TV character Marv
The old “handler” of Jesse Porter who M used as a “higher-up” source of information and help. Married to a woman portrayed as somewhat unattractive, he decided upon a liaison with Fiona which got him approached by Jesse to provide information about a non-published attempted bank heist involving the book-coded Bible of Simon Escher’s kept in a safe deposit box. He found evidence of Jesse’s innocence and in-fact Ms guilt over the break-in at Jesse’s office. (51)
- He had an affair in July 2003 with Sally Baker, at a $60/night roadside motel. This fact was used later by Jesse to blackmail him into helping find some information (58)
- Claims to have had 27 years of counterintelligence experience and that he is infallible spotting liars on polygraphs; but acts like he doesn’t have a lick of sense! (60)
- He didn’t believe M knew what he was talking about and demanded M go on record about all his dealings with the people who burned him on a polygraph. Then he sloppily “verified” the story to people who betrayed them all.  (60)
- He was blackmailed by Brennan who threatened to kill his wife if he didn’t turn over the NOC list to him; then, shot and killed when he did.  (60)
Current Location: Deceased
Seen in episodes: 51, 58, 60

Max (Grant Show)

Burn Notice TV character Max played by Grant Show, photo
A senior field officer tasked with taking down the 'Organization' who also acted as Michael's 'handler' during the operations.  He is well entrenched in the 'new way of doing things' but gets lost without his data links, com channels and contingency plans with back-ups. As a government employee who interacts with Michael he, frankly, is a refreshing change from all the tiresome arrogance and hostility; even though, in many ways, he sort of 'channels' the former character Tom Strickler in demeanor and in calling Michael 'super-spy.' He was shot to death in his office by an unknown assailant who set M up for blame. His last request of M was that he go say goodbye to his wife for him.
- He once convinced a Turkish diplomat that his house was filled with Methylchloridium.
Current Location: Deceased
Seen in episodes: 63, 64, 66

Nick Carnahan (Maxwell Terlecki)

Photo of Maxwell Terlecki playing Burn Notice TV character Nick Carnahan
A member of the special forces who was on loan to the CIA for a special rendition operation headed by Michael Westen. They were to prevent Reed Perkins, a freelance spy recuiter for the eastern block, from attending a conference in Miami where he intended to 'turn' any disgruntled spies he found. A member of the team, however, sabotaged their plans and was nearly able to get the whole team burned and Jesse killed except for the quick thinking of Michael. When introduced to Mike, the respectful 'it's nice to meet you sir' was a refreshing change of pace from what the writers usually give us.
Seen in episodes: 80

Oleg (George Tasudis)

Burn Notice TV character Oleg played by George Tasudis, photo
The owner of a dance-club known as 'the Warehouse' which happens to have a storage loft above the club.  Although it is not up to the building code for a residence, as a favor to 'a buddy,' Sam, he allows M to live there for a small amount of money - as long as he remembers that if anyone asks he has to tell them that he broke in. He immigrated from Russia in the past and seems to have had some contact with the intelligenct community enough to know about 'Michael Weston' a name that they think was a code for many people. He was very happy to have M living in the loft and hoped that he might assist with removing a drug dealer who lived next door.  (which he did.) When one of his waitresses had a problem which was keeping her from coming to work, he had no hesitance in asking M to help and offering several months free rent.
Seen in episodes: 1, 3

Ryan Pewterbaugh (Dean Cain)

Photo of Dean Cain playing Burn Notice TV character Ryan Pewterbaugh
A member of the CIA working as a field agent who was assigned to a special rendition op lead by Michael Westen. They were to prevent Reed Perkins, a freelance spy recuiter for the eastern block, from attending a conference in Miami where he intended to 'turn' any disgruntled spies he found. A member of the team, however, sabotaged their plans and was nearly able to get the whole team burned and Jesse killed except for the quick thinking of Michael. When introduced to Mike he revealed that he had 'run stateside support for some of your operations in the '90s, heard about your burn notice, it was a raw deal.'
Seen in episodes: 80

Veronica (Audrey Landers)

Burn Notice TV character Veronica played by Audrey Landers, photo
Sam’s wealthy girlfriend who occasionally aids and frequently makes demands on Sam. She bought Sam a Cadillac and was mightily provoked when agent Bly told her that Sam was seeing someone else. For their one month anniversary since they said 'I Love You' she bought sam an $8,000 watch, and asked him to marry her. When Sam didn’t readily give her an answer, then later revealed that he was still married from a one day fling in the ‘70s, she threw him out for good.
Seen in episodes: 5, 6, 7, 17

Naughty Friendlies

Perhaps a bit 'under-the-table' but they like, and are helpful to, Mike
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Ayn Reeds (Zabryna Guevara)

Photo of Zabryna Guevara playing Burn Notice TV character Ayn Reeds
A 'scrounger' prison inmate in Fiona Glenanne's cell block. She bragged that she could stage a Beatle's reunion concert in the prison if the price was right. Both a little bit leery of each other, she did agree to help find out who wanted to kill Fiona inside the prison – for a price, which was that a certain door to the cell block must be stuck shut for two minutes at the time the guard changed. She promised Fiona that no one would be killed, she just wanted to send a message to another inmate who was trying to horn in on her black-market enterprise. She did find out that a crooked guard was helping someone try to get at Fiona and got that message to Michael when he came for a visit. (83)
When Fiona was next targeted by 'the Sisters,' lifers who do contract killings in their 'spare-time, like knitting,' she served as a 'sounding-board' of sorts and helped Fiona determine how to stay alive. She agreed to obtain a 'shakedown' of the cell block, which was the only way to get around two guards who were either 'too scared or too dirty' and pretty much let 'the Sisters' do whatever they wanted. She did have a price, which was to obtain a jewelry box from her hateful 'ex,' Eddie, who was holding it hostage out of spite – and because she had shot his brother.  Even though Fiona didn't meet her deadline, she arranged for the shakedown anyway saying: 'maybe I thought I'd see if I remember what trust feels like.' The box contained a locket that was all her mother had to leave her when she died while Ayn was in prison; 'the only person that ever loved me… and I couldn't even go to her funeral.' (84)
When MI-6 tried to thwart Fiona's release from prison, she gave up her 'stash hole' in the library wall in order that Fiona could hide and be safe without actually breaking out. Fiona did return the favor by allowing her to eventually take credit for informing on her whereabouts in return for the warden's letter recommending release at her next parole hearing. (86)
Due to Fiona's intervention she was paroled shortly after Fiona got out. However a 'dirty cop' named Garza blamed her for the death of his CI (confidential informant) and began harassing her. She went to Fiona for help and caught her right in the middle of needing to blow up the loft. Fiona agreed to help and narrowly escaped when Garca came again to harass Ayn and plant Marijuana in her apartment. She trusted Sam with her son Amari and eventually the 'gang' was able to get her released; but, not before blowing a scheme to blackmail Garza then needing to help him take down mafia kingpin Sherrod Washington who had killed his partner. (92)
Current location: On Parole
She told Fiona that AYN stood for: Anything You Need.
Seen in episodes: 83, 84, 86, 92

Barry Burkowski (Paul Tei)

Burn Notice TV character Barry Burkowski played by Paul Tei, photo
A money launderer friend of MWs. Has great connections in the under-world of Miami and often helps MW with his “jobs” and clients. He sports a 'ridiculous hairstyle (spiked hair), multiple piercings, a man purse and wrist cuffs. He and Madeline seem to have hit it off, exchanging tips and names of available roofers, hair gels and having 'product parties.'  He was at one time known as “bad check Barry.” He was used as a pawn in Agent Bly’s attempt to break MWs blackmail hold on him; so, now has a code for when he is wearing a wire – he’ll offer to pay for lunch. When he is in the capitol he has to stay with his mom who is still mad at him from dropping out of Podiatry school. He actually became a client of Ms when his ledger was stolen and M had to retrieve it. He is Ms 'go to' guy for many of his 'client con' needs. He has a brother named Paul who is also in 'finance' except 'he follows the rules.' The two are continually bickering and are somewhat estranged since Barry brought a hooker to the last family event he was invited to. He gained a new found respect for Sam after he was shot by some angry weapons dealers who were trying to kill him. Fiona's play to get out of prison really angered her dealer that ended up in prison. He always took care of Fiona's financial transactions so ended up in the middle and needed to be rescued from certain death by Sam's creativity and skills.
He introduced his brother, the accountant for a teachers credit union, to Michael when all the teachers private information was stolen by a malicious hackers. Michael accepted him as a client and was able to retrieve the records but nearly got himself killed in the doing.
He didn't escape Michaels devastating Card/Riley debacle. He realized that he owed Michael a great deal but Madeline felt she needed to warn/threaten him into helping send some of Michael's money (from flagged accounts) to various places around the world in order to provide a smoke screen for his escape from Miami. He cleared his calendar to meet with Madeline which seemed to be enough to cause Riley to conduct a raid on him. 'These hard drives wont erase themselves,' he had to tell Madeline (who had obviously left her DNA on cigarettes all over the place) and told her to flee while he attempted to destroy his files. We last saw him in handcuffs being manhandled by Riley and her minions. (95)
- His mother lives in Albany New York and when he visits her she continually reminds him of all the things in his life that he 'needs improvement' on.
- He entered podiatry school but dropped out for some undisclosed reason, which greatly disappointed his mother.
- He went to a gathering at his brother's house with a 'paid escort.'
- He acted as Nathan Detroit in 'Guys and Dolls.'
Seen in episodes: 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 17, 18, 25, 31, 33, 36, 46, 66, 86, 95

Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt)

Photo of Patton Oswalt playing Burn Notice TV character Calvin Schmidt
Probably the best forger/smuggler in Miami who claims he could smuggle the queen past security wearing a bikini made up of the crown jewels without raising an eyebrow (or something close). Unfortunately, he helped a Syrian woman who was being beaten up by her husband, Jabbar Hamady, with a new ID and life. Unfortunately, because Hamady was a former Syrian Intelligence officer who was now a ruthless gun runner and began trying to find his wife. With millions of dollars worth of merchandise in several warehouses, Schmidt was in hiding, with traitor-spy's inside his organization and a fatwa against him when the guy who set up his computers (Dixon) introduced him to Michael Westen, Fiona, Jesse and Sam who needed a favor. Reluctant at first to help them, he eventually was pressured into agreeing - all Michael had to do was to get Hamady out of the picture. In a highly risky operation they did eventually get Hamady caught by the CIA but not before Michael was captured, Schmidt was caught and they faked Schmidt's death by giving him poison and actually stopping his heart. He was now truly back alive and Hamady was in custody but all his money was gone. (94)
With Michael and the gang's help, he helped retrieve a special device worth a million dollars from his warehouse and ended up bumbling the job and alerting the police who promptly shot up his device. Still with Michael's help he conducted a con on his buyer, Thorn, who turned the tables on him. So, the bumbling fool that he is, he involved Sam in his escapade then whined and complained all the way through several attempts to, yet again, rescue him – and obtain the money needed to procure new IDs as well as get the buyer captured by the police. (95)
Seen in episodes: 94, 95

Jack Dixon (David Fickas)

Burn Notice TV character Jack Dixon played by David Fickas, photo
A computer expert who had some sort of history with Sam Axe; namely, getting tazed and thrown in the trunk of a car. Unfortunately, for him, his skill was still remembered by Sam who came to ask him for another favor. Even though he barred the door and said no, Fiona sneaked up behind him and tazed him again so ended up in the trunk again. Even more unfortunate he had gotten into trouble for helping someone 'hide some money' and was on probation wearing an anklet; so, was now out of bounds and again in trouble with the police. Having no other choice, he eventually did help Sam reconstruct the hard drive of a burned computer and was promised that Sam would 'see what he could do to help with the police.' It is unclear whether or not that ever happened.
- When Sam found himself in possession of a drug smugglers plane which was now without an owner he gave it to Dixon to sell on the internet. (92)
- Sam asked, yet again, for another favor when he, Mike, Fi and Jesse were all fugitives. He wouldn't respond until Sam reminded him, in a loud voice at work, that he was a convicted hacker and that the Navy had almost court-martialed him for stealing the skippers porn collection. He did take Sam to a forger/smuggler friend (Schmidt) who could make them IDs. (94)
- He put together passports for Mike, Sam, Fi, Jesse and Madeline with embedded chips Mike had obtained from James Vanek. He photoshoped their images just enough that computer facial recognition software couldn't recognize them but agents wouldn't notice the difference.
Seen in episodes: 72, 92, 94, 96

Raymond Mosely (Sugar) (Arturo Fernandez)

Photo of Arturo Fernandez playing Burn Notice TV character Raymond Mosely (Sugar)
Michael called him 'a pretty boy with a bad dye job' who lived and sold drugs from an apartment below the loft where MW lived. M had to chase some customers of his away from the stairs to the loft. He tried to threaten M to leave his customers alone but realized instantly that he was not match for M. Then he hired a thug to have MW killed but Fiona took care of the thug with a few quick moves. So M came after him to definitively remove him from the premises by knocking on his door then shooting through the wall wounding him in the knee. M came through the back wall and gave him some disenfectant and ace bandages at gunpoint and told him to vacate immediately -- which he did. Some time later he became a client of Ms when his mentally challenged cousin, Dougie, was befriended by a ruthless robber, Lynch, in order to help with a robbery. Fiona had to shame M into helping but they ended up thwarting a robbery where Dougie would likely have been shot. Additionally, when Sugar didn't listen to M about leaving town while the robbers were gunning for him, M had to rescue him yet again from death but not before he was seriously wounded in gunfire. In the hospital he told M 'I don't know how many times I need to get shot before I start listening to you.' Later when M needed help identifying some drug dealers, he supplied information and assistance to Ms con.
2009 - his friend Carl was shot by a heroin gangster, Vince Cutler, and would have killed him as well except that he promised to stay out of his business - forever.
- He told M that he 'owed him one' and reluctantly assisted in identifying Cutler to M as well as setting him up with false references in the drug community (49).
- Michael called him for a favor, needing some pain meds for an interrogation he was doing on an oriental slave-trafficker. He took the drugs to Michael thinking there was going to be a 'party' but was sent packing when he kept calling Michael 'Mikey.' (64)
- He reluctantly advised Fiona on where she could find Carmelo Dante, the second largest heroin dealer in Miami. (68)
- While being fitted for a suit, he unwittingly aided Michael in escaping from Agent Riley by merely answering 'yes' to everything Mike asked him on a tapped phone call - then dumped his phone in a cup of coffee to kill it. (93)
- When Olivia Riley was going after Michael, she arrested him and 'threw out the rule book.' According to Agent Bly, Riley was holding him in some secret place that even he couldn't find out about.  [From him we also learned that Sugar's last name was Mosley. (97)
- The arrest report (some illegible) states: DOB: 12 Jun 80; Language Spoken: English; Status: Arrested; Aliases: Sugar; Country Origin: USA; Known entrances: None; Unofficial entrances: none. Known information: Civilian; Description: Raymond Mosely, better known as Sugar, is currently under arrest for more than 6 charges of drug dealing. Mr. Mosely has been participating in illegal activities since he was underage. He has directed connection with Michael Westen. Currently under custody; Travel Status: Denies; Description: Records show Mr. Mosely does not have a passport or any travel documents. Mosely has never been out of the United States of America. He is currently under arrest in the state of Florida therefore Passport petition has been denied for 10 years; External Work: Small business owner;  Description: Mr Raymond Mosely is the owner of a small bar located in 111 Archer Avenue, Miami, Florida. This building is the center of the illegal operations and have been found 4,200 pills of the drug Oxycodene, with an estimated street value of (around) $125,000; Team information: Ronald Perex, Cornell Lloyd, Alfred Willis … [remainder unintelligible] (97)
AKA: Sugar
Seen in episodes: 1, 40, 49, 64, 68, 93

Seymour Talbot (Silas Weir Mitchell)

Burn Notice TV character Seymour Talbot played by Silas Weir Mitchell, photo
An idiot gun dealer acquaintance of Fiona’s who occasionally provides gun information to MW when he needs it. Although it does sometimes take four or five explanations about what he wants before M actually gets through. He lives fairly extravagantly and keeps a worthless bodyguard who he calls “jackass.” He suckered M into helping him with an arms sale to Bulgarian buyers. We never knew whether it was Seymour who was shaking them down for more money or Pavel who was trying to stiff Seymour -- but M had to save Seymours butt at least twice. He helped M track down a bomber who had tried to kill M and really, really wants to be part of Ms 'bad ass gang.' As a token of their 'first job together' he gave M and Fiona a matching pair of throwing daggers -- engraved with the symbol for 'Destiny,' of course he had one too.
- When Michael Westen was being chased by Agen Riley Seymour was apprehended and deported in her vendetta against Mike for hurting her reputation.
- His arrest documents [much illegible] gave the following: Name: Seymour; Surname: Talbot; DOB: 15 Jul 69; Languages Spoken: English, Romanian, French & Catalan; Status: Awaiting for deportation; Aliases: unknown; Country of Origin: Romania; Known country entrances: USA, Romania, Portugal, Ireland; Unofficial entrances: Egypt, Argentina, Philippines, Japan, South Africa, France, Venezuela; Known Information: Civilian; Description: Seymour Talbot is especially proficient in acquir… types of fire arms for multiple anti-government… organizations. Manages weapons suppliers direc… South Korea, Seymour is the foremost gun runn… deals are Seymour's specialty. Seymour has mo… accused of running guns for certain Middle East… Travel status: Deported; Description: Current status is deported. Seymour was… an expired Green Card. He failed to renew his … Immigration and Homeland Security office, U.S… years.; External work: Gun Smuggler; Description: Seymour is known to trafficking weapons… Team Information: Juan Sanglino, Uli Grewe, Fiona Glena… [Remainder illegible] (97)
Seen in episodes: 19, 24

Stacey Conolly (P.J. Byrne)

Photo of P.J. Byrne playing Burn Notice TV character Stacey Conolly
The son of Jose Conolly, a woman who Sam Axe had dated for awhile. But, when Sam and his mother had broken up he had been heartbroken and became very angry. He is allergic to wheat flour, chocolate and eggs. Now he was an auditor for the IRS and when he noticed Sam's return tht he could audit he became vindictive. He scheduled an audit attempting to find enough disallowances that would allow him to go back even more years all the while Sam didn't recognize him. When Sam saw him do a double-take over some old baseball cards, he recognized that it was the grown up boy who had used cards on his bicycle to sound like a motorcycle. They were able to mend fences when Sam called him and invited him to come drinking with him teaching him how to drink Fuzzy Navels.
Seen in episodes: 32


The family members of the main characters
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Charley Westen (Un-credited)

Photo of Un-credited playing Burn Notice TV character Charley Westen
The infant son of Michael's brother Nate who met his mother Ruth at a blackjack table in Las Vegas Nevada and were married after a whirlwind courtship of one month. He was introduced to his grandmother Madeline and uncle Michael by his father who came for a visit alone because his mother had a pedicure appointment. Actually she just didn't like to be around Madeline – the feeling was mutual. He was shown being quite irrascible and Mike asked: 'are you sure it doesn't need medical attention?' [This character named for Matt Nix's own son Charlie who appeared in episode 22 as 'Jack']
Seen in episodes: 65

Frank Westen (Un-credited)

Burn Notice TV character Frank Westen played by Un-credited, photo
An abusive alcoholic who married Madeline and fathered Michael and Nate; but, who died before Michael was burned and returned to Miami. He is still talked about a great deal and provided a real driving force behind much of what his family have done with their lives. He was gone frequently leaving the family stranded for basic necessities like groceries and transportation. His inventive family all learned coping methods of working around and sometimes through his habits and nature. Madeline, endured abuse both mental and physical and developed codes for their family when he was drunk or otherwise on a rampage. Michael, despite being smart almost to the point of brilliance, stole cars and groceries. Nate did the same, but to a lesser extent, and became a compulsive gambler.
Sometime after Michael left for the service and CIA, he began talking with Anson Fullerton, the rogue psychiatrist who had Michael burned, although it has not been disclosed under what circumstances. The 'sessions' were intense and, according to Anson, he wept and was sorry for how he had treated everyone and wanted to apologize. He became suspicious of Anson's intentions when he kept showing more and more interest in Michael. He asked Madeline about Michael out of the clear blue and later Madeline said of it: 'within a week he was dead from getting drunk and taking too much of his heart medicine.' Later it was revealed that he had been murdered by Anson.
He built a secret compartment behind the closet to store his things that he didn't want found. So secret that even Michael never found it.
He hit Michael hard enough to leave a scar on his left cheek.
He made Michael fake a seizure in Mr. Goodwrench one time, so he could steal spark plugs; Michael remembers that he always seemed to start jobs then hand Mike the to-do list to finish for him.
Michael claims that his approach to machinery was similar to his approach to the family; namely: 'if you don’t like how something is working keep banging on it until it does what you want.'
One Christmas when he was abusing Nate, Michael stepped in to fight him and ended up with a black eye. Madeline demanded that if they didn't stop fighting and have their picture taken she was going to throw the entire dinner in the garbage.
One summer he made Michael and Nate entirely rebuild the Charger.
He would remodel their house by scrounging (stealing) wire and building material from the neighbors.
He had a collection of uniforms, either from odd jobs that he had worked at for a time or from scams he'd pulled.
His wife had secretly signed enlistment papers for Michael to join the military after graduation, and at some point he told Michael 'I'll see you in Hell boy.'
Photo of description Burn Notice Character: Frank Westen
He rewired their car for a radio in such a complicated manner that when it was stolen the whole car stopped working. Madeline surmised that it was in order to always be useful to the family.
He met Anson Fullerton (either socially or professionally) who could get him to talk endlessly about his family, Madeline, Michael and Nate. Anson got him drunk and (according to Anson) he would cry about what he was taking about (no specifics given); and, again according to Anson, even wanted to apologize to Michael before he died.
He told Anson about a time when Michael had poured all his liquor down the drain and how Madeline had taken the brunt of his wrath when she intervened.
He got suspicious of Anson over all the questions about Michael and 'started snooping' (again no specifics given)
He even began asking Madeline about Michael then was found dead, according to the police an overdose of heart medication in a drunken state. [It was later revealed that Anson Fullerton had arranged a 'heart attack' to keep him from snooping further]
'98 – He died in 1998 (6)
Current Location: Deceased,  but remembered frequently

Nate (Nathanial Elias) Westen (Seth Peterson)

Photo of Seth Peterson playing Burn Notice TV character Nate (Nathanial Elias) Westen
Mike’s near-do-well, obsessive-compulsive, sociopathic, gambler brother who perpetually attempts to scam Michael into helping with, or extracting him from, shady deals gone bad. Sharing the same father, he developed similar traits as Mike; namely, he is an accomplished car thief and mechanic. He stole Mike's rental car, took out 10 credit cards in Michael's name, then hit him in the head with a telephone book, all under excuses that it was all really Mikes fault. Usually when he showed up it is to involve Mike in a “make money quick” scheme of some sort. After seeing Mike, shortly after he had been burned, he went to Vegas for a while. Later, he showed up unexpectedly and announced that he had married Ruth, the dealer at his Blackjack table in Vegas – after knowing her for only weeks. Unfortunately for all concerned, it was at a time when Michael was trying to protect their mother from the 'Organization' and he and Ruth needed to stay and protect Madeline. Ruth is an outspoken non-smoker and Madeline is a chimney. Ruth is 'trying to avoid protein' (?!) and Madeline is smart enough to realize that protein is essential for life as we know it. Ruth is allergic to cucumbers and Madeline puts them in salads and on sandwiches. He and Ruth were able to go back to Vegas only seconds before Nate thought Ruth was going to ask for an annulment. In a year or so they moved to Tampa and had a son named Charley. [See also under 'Clients']
Nate seemed to come and go to Miami. When he came, he and Michael seemed to get involved in some altercation or the other; but, as Michael did admit, 'sometimes I think I screw Nate's life up more than he does.' He was shot in the arm when he was taken hostage by Brennen in order to blackmail Michael into a scheme. They worked together a couple of times to rescue some of their childhood friends from difficulties. Once Charley was born however, and the responsibilities of fatherhood set in, he seemed to turn over a new leaf and went to gamblers anonymous. He became less argumentative and more appreciative. However, despite Nate telling Michael that he tried hard to be a good husband and father, Ruth left him and took the baby with her – ostensibly without giving a reason. She stayed in Vegas and he came back to stay with his mother for awhile. When Fiona went to prison, he was available and willing to help Mike in anything necessary get her released – and to capture Anson. He seemed to desperately need to prove something to Mike, and his actions sometimes out-stripped his skills. He helped Jesse interrogate a con on parole, then he helped Sam and Madeline take down the killer of Agent Pearce's fiancé. That drew him into the final chase of Anson once Mike discovered where he was. It was an intensely dangerous undertaking and Nate was tasked with being a driver. His attempts to impress Mike however, twice jeopardized the operation and got him sent away. Fortuitously he happened to be angrily gambling at the airport when Mike called to ask if he would 'get eyes on, but don't engage' Anson, who was nearby in a café. Instead, he took down Anson by himself and was holding him at gunpoint in a parking lot when, just as Michael and the others arrived, a very large caliber shot came from a parking garage and killed Anson… and him.
Photo of description Burn Notice Character: Nate (Nathanial Elias) Westen
Childhood Years:
He and Michael wanted to go see the Star wars movie and their father said no; so, he and Michael opened up the heating duct and sneaked out of the house anyway.
One Christmas he was being abused by his father and Michael stepped in and ended up with a black eye. His mother made them pose for a family photograph or she threatened to throw the Christmas dinner in the trash.
He was bullied at middle-school by a boy named Todd until Michael scared the boy into stopping… for that year. After M went into high school, Todd and others began bullying him again until he solved the issue with a 2 x 4; which, got him suspended but everyone left him alone.
He had a childhood friend named Rickey Watkins. His brother was friends with Andre, Rickey's older brother and the two considered the Westen's family.
After Mike left Nate promised his mother that he would take her away from Miami. He was a dreamer and wanted to go walk the pyramids and ski the Alps. (96)
He spent “years putting up with dad” after Mike left for the military.
One summer his dad made he and Mike rebuild the Charger from the ground up.
He claims that the one thing he is better at than M is hot-wiring cars.
After his death Madeline told his shooter that: 'He liked cars, action movies and graphic design. He loved his family. His name was Nathaniel Elias Westen.'
Current Location: Deceased
Sam Baumer [prison researcher] (85),
Seen in episodes: 4, 5, 11, 12, 16, 21, 31, 41, 59, 65, 82, 83, 85, 86, 87

Ruth Westen (Kylee Cochran)

Burn Notice TV character Ruth Westen played by Kylee Cochran, photo
A ditsey-blond, Vegas, Blackjack dealer who Nate married a month after playing at her table. She claims she’s allergic to Cucumbers, avoids protein and waves like a parade princess. She antagonized Madeline by trying to shame her into not smoking in her own house. Unfortunately, Nate chose to introduce her to Madeline and Michael totally unexpectedly and at a time when Michael was trying to protect Madeline from the Organization he was dealing with. That, unfortunately, meant that they needed to spend their honeymood living with Madeline which didn't get them off to a very good start, especially when Madeline mistook their attempts to get her away from all the danger Michael's life presented by talking to her about moving to Vegas. Not too long after getting married, they moved back to Florida with their infant son Charley and now live in Tampa. Unfortunately, the day Nate was going to take Charley to see Madeline fell on her day for her pedicure so she didn't go with.
Seen in episodes: 41

Sean Glenanne (Gideon Emery)

Photo of Gideon Emery playing Burn Notice TV character Sean Glenanne
The brother of Fiona who came to save his sister from one of her old enemies, Thomas O’Neill. He has all of Fiona’s temper and impulsiveness but almost none of her skill and more than once nearly botched Ms attempts at removing O’Neill as a threat. He, eventually, did make peace with the real 'Michael Westen' and offer to watch his back with anyone in Ireland.
Seen in episodes: 37

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