Burn Notice Characters

Burn Notice Characters who become 'clients' of Michael Westen


"The desperate people to whom Michael Weston lends his razor-sharp mind and fists of fury."

Agents Harris and Lane (Marc Macaulay, Brandon Morris)

Photo of Marc Macaulay, Brandon Morris playing Burn Notice TV character Agents Harris and Lane
Being assigned to follow MW around gave them increasing respect for MWs abilities and they turned to him when they were facing suspension for letting a star witness against the Turkish mob be found by a hit-man. When M risked his life to turn one of the hit-men sent from a life of crime, Cole, and capture the other, Matt Reese, the two got a commendation plaque. To return the “favor” they rousted Vaughn for M, telling him that they would put him on their “most wanted” list unless they did what M wanted (to see Simon).
Seen in episodes: 53

Alicia Rensin (Tina Casciani)

Burn Notice TV character Alicia Rensin played by Tina Casciani, photo
The sister of Walt Rensin who was part of Dale Lawson’s gang which kidnapped the daughter of mob-attorney Adam Scott. In payback, Scott sent a psychopath, Dennis Barfield to kill Lawson and all of Lawson’s gang. Alicia was in the restaurant when Barfield’s bomb triggered and killed Lawson but only left Walt deaf. She gave MW information which led to finding Barfield so became Ms client – a good thing because Walt, and her, were next on Barfield’s hit list and saved by M.
Seen in episodes: 57

Allen King (uncredited)

Photo of uncredited playing Burn Notice TV character Allen King
An executive of Apex Industries, maker of computer chips and polluter of aquifers, who was kidnapped by a physician, Gabriel, whose daughter was killed by the pollution. Tied to a chair with a sedative IV drip and locked in a fire-bomb, booby-trapped cage, he was non-speaking and completely unaware that he was a MW client the entire episode.
Seen in episodes: 43

Amari Reeds (Mikhail Avraham)

Burn Notice TV character Amari Reeds played by Mikhail Avraham, photo
The son of Ayn Reeds who went to prison for killing her brother-in-law to prevent him beating her sister to death. Unfortunately, the guy was a confidential informant for a cop named Garza and was helping to take down a mafia kingpin that Garza had a vendetta against. Garza blamed her for his inability to nail the guy who had killed his partner and was angry at her 'early' release. Fiona and the others fist tried to get blackmail evidence on Garza then ended up needing to help him take the kingpin down. He had been placed in foster care while his mother was in prison but was returned to his mother. He helped Sam plant a bug on Garza and was eventually reunited with his mother.
Seen in episodes: 92

Andy (Michael Naughton)

Photo of Michael Naughton playing Burn Notice TV character Andy
A cell phone salesman who got conned into investing in a fake club in Cuba using money that he borrowed from a loan shark in order to help his mother with her cancer. When Baranski, the loan shark, kidnapped his mother, Diane, MW helped him con the con man, Zeke, into giving all the money back.
Seen in episodes: 15

April Luna (Josie Davis)

Burn Notice TV character April Luna played by Josie Davis, photo
The wife of Erik Luna, a well-connected politically, wannabe gangster along with his brother Quinn. Her son Joey tried to steal a gun from Fiona in order to kill his stepfather who was trying to take Joey away in a custody battle. She not only received custody of the kids but $40 thousand, which Erik had paid Fiona and Sam to kill some make-believe hit-men, when M convinced Quinn that Erik was mentally unstable enough to have committed.
Seen in episodes: 35

Ayn Reeds (Zabryna Guevara)

Photo of Zabryna Guevara playing Burn Notice TV character Ayn Reeds
A fellow inmate that Fiona met in prison. She did Fiona multiple favors in prison and Fiona helped her obtain parole at her next hearing. Once released a 'dirty cop' named Garza began harassing her so she called in a favor from Fiona. She needed to trust Sam with custody of her son Amari because Garza planted marijuana in her apartment to put her back in prison. Fiona, with the help of all the gang, was eventually able to get her released; but, not before blowing a scheme to blackmail Garza then helping him take down mafia kingpin Sherrod Washington who had killed his partner. (92)
Seen in episodes: 92

Barry Burkowski (Paul Tei)

Burn Notice TV character Barry Burkowski played by Paul Tei, photo
Michael Westen's money launderer and go-to guy who had his ledger stolen and begged for a favor. MW assisted in uncovering a plot which included Barry's girlfriend, Amy, Milovan Dragas and Natalie Rice to sell his ledger for 5 million dollars. They did eventually get it back by using an elaborate con – and with the help of Madeline. (36)
Barry's ledgers got him into trouble once again when Michael began working to extricate Fiona from prison and pissed off one of her gun dealers who decided to go after Barry, who handled all her financial transactions. The FBI offered him protection but he knew that if he took their deal then all his 'friends would end up with matching bracelets' – including Mike and Sam. So Sam took him to his hiding house in the country and needed to extricate him from Garret Hartley, the assassin assigned to kill him. Fortunately, Sam was indeed 'as good as Michael' and was very inventive in keeping them safe – largely using explosions and beer cans – lots of beer cans. (86)
Seen in episodes: 36, 86

Beatriz (Ilza Rosario)

Photo of Ilza Rosario playing Burn Notice TV character Beatriz
A friend of Sam's from his old Navy days, who basically helped save his life as well as his career in South America.  She came to the US to hunt down Sam after an attempt was made to kill her but wounded an assistant instead. She thought it might be because of some newspaper articles she wrote in the Russian language but Sam and Michael Westen, with the help of Anson Fullerton, discovered that she had 'outed' a Russian agent, Oscar Markov, who was now out to get her. With the encouragement of Michael, Markov's handler was able to convince Markov that she was actually working with the FSB on a 'black op' and that he should stand down. She was injured in the gun battle by some shrapnel and had surgery to remove it.
Seen in episodes: 78

Becky (Un-credited)

Burn Notice TV character Becky played by Un-credited, photo
The kidnapped daughter of sleaze-bag attorney Adam Scott who defends half of Miami’s low lifes. Dale Lawson, the brother of a soon-to-be-convicted murderer, Rudy Lawson, took 5-year-old Becky at machine-gun point from their back yard. MWs friend Barry recommended M to her father as a person who could get her free – and he did.
Seen in episodes: 56

Bill Reese (Eric Lange)

Photo of Eric Lange playing Burn Notice TV character Bill Reese
A friend of Nates, whose father MW used to work for, daughter ran away to become a model in a scam of the Wilhelm Brothers, Carl and Oscar. Bill paid Nate to rescue Jenna, but it took MW to do the job.
Seen in episodes: 4

Billy Taylor (Jocko Sims)

Burn Notice TV character Billy Taylor played by Jocko Sims, photo
The brother of Jeff, who made a deal with a drug king-pin, Hector Rivera, to ship Heroin in one of their cars each month in order to obtain cash and keep their family body-shop solvent during his brothers’ illness. A goon of Rivera’s stole one of the cars and tried to pin it on the Taylors until their friend Nate Westen got his brother to help track down the thief.
Seen in episodes: 59

Brandon (Aaron Berger)

Photo of Aaron Berger playing Burn Notice TV character Brandon
The 10ish year-old son of Patricia and Howard who was kidnapped by Santora’s gang to make his father help steal diamonds from his employer. He was rescued by MW and Fiona from the shed where he was being held before he could be killed.
Seen in episodes: 30

Buddy (Steven W. Bailey)

Burn Notice TV character Buddy played by Steven W. Bailey, photo
A master forger who specializes in knock-offs of high end luxury goods. He was hired by a thief known to Interpol as 'Mssr Glisson' (Mr. Slippery) but who was actually Selina, curently an administrative assistant to the CEO of a software company, Mr. Bocklage, who had just purchased a sword known to have been owned by Alexander the Great. Unknown to him, Salina intended to steal the sword and needed Buddy to forge a copy of two onyx lion heads and a piece of tooled leather to create a duplicate which she could then switch for the original. After he was paid, buddy accidentally found that his hot tub had been wired to electrocute him. Fortunately Buddy knew of Michael Westen and hired both M and Fiona to protect him. M traced an accomplice Salina had hired, Andrew Deans, back to her and foiled her scheme. Buddy gratiously gave Fiona some knock off shoes and a handbag which has engratiated her to him for life. He went back to doing business claiming that M could call on him ANYTIME for help.
Seen in episodes: 50

Calia (Natalia Baron)

Photo of Natalia Baron playing Burn Notice TV character Calia
The wife of a man who was an accomplice in an insurance-scam but who was killed in the process. The leader of the gang told her that she needed to sue the city and give them the money so she called Fiona who dumped it on M.
Seen in episodes: 38

Cara Stagner (Dedee Pfeiffer)

Burn Notice TV character Cara Stagner played by Dedee Pfeiffer, photo
Waitress working for Oleg who reported a mobster to the police for beating a pizza delivery boy unconscious. She was threatened to death by Alvaro Desantos as the only witness until MW got Desantos removed by the mob.
Seen in episodes: 3

Carson Huxley (Daniel Gerroll)

Photo of Daniel Gerroll playing Burn Notice TV character Carson Huxley
A Brit, a genius and a very valuable asset of the CIA, according to Max who also said 'he's got the IQ of a rocket scientist and a libido of a rock star.' He cheats on his wife every time he goes to a conference like he was at in Miami, which made him a target for anyone wanting to blackmail 'Her Majesty's nuclear program' secrets out of him. He was the target of some behind-the-scenes protection from the CIA, whether he wanted it or not. Max took the first shift, Michael the second then, when M was otherwise occupied, Fiona did the job right by scaring the living ber-jesus out of him during a 130 MPH, eye-closed ride on the freeway. Fiona's fatal attraction to him scared him straight.
Seen in episodes: 64

Christian Aikins (Steven Culp)

Burn Notice TV character Christian Aikins played by Steven Culp, photo
A bumbling fool of a multi-millionaire in the electronics industry who hired Fiona and Sam to guard his new lithium battery when his car was broken into. In reality the thieves wanted info from his computer which would enable them to kidnap his wife Sarah for $10 million. When Fiona put her own life in jeopardy by going with the kidnappers he continually fought M and Jesse all the way putting them both in jeopardy. He was eventually guilted by Jesse and Madeline into cooperating enabling M and Sam to rescue them both.
Seen in episodes: 52

Claire Baruchel (Alexie Gilmore)

Photo of Alexie Gilmore playing Burn Notice TV character Claire Baruchel
The wife of Kevin Baruchel who was buddy’s with Sam Axe. She called on Sam when her husband went missing and was accused of killing some drug dealers and making off with their cocaine. She and their son Ryan had lost Kevin’s pension as well as all their friends.  When Sam found that it had been Kevin’s partner, Pete Jackman, who had actually done the crime and had her husband killed to frame him, she participated in MWs con to convince Jackman that Kevin was still alive and get him to bring the Cocaine out of hiding.
Seen in episodes: 60

Claude Laurent (Basil Wallace)

Burn Notice TV character Claude Laurent played by Basil Wallace, photo
An older man whose daughter was killed in Haiti by the corrupt Duman family. He located Jean Pierre Duman in Miami and sought MW for help after hearing about him from some others that had been helped. When M told him he wouldn’t help, he told M that he was not an honorable man. M realized that he was a “true believer” who he needed to either “help or get out of the way” – so he helped.
Seen in episodes: 26

Corey Jensen (Michael B. Jordan)

Photo of Michael B. Jordan playing Burn Notice TV character Corey Jensen
A reasonably talented young football player who lived alone with his yonger sister in a rough neighborhood and was fortunate enough to be selected by Coach Shawn Martin to play on his recreaton league team. His parents had both died and considered himself the caretaker for his sister. When she was molested by one of the local hoods he decided to go teach the guy a lesson with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, the hood had significant mob connections and put out a hit on him.  Fortunately for him coach Martin was good buddies with Sam Axe who offered pro football tickets if he would help with a 'favor.' Sam did, then M did and of course before it was done even Fiona got involved.
Seen in episodes: 23

Dan Tesmond (Kai Lennox)

Burn Notice TV character Dan Tesmond played by Kai Lennox, photo
A scientist who had developed a revolutionary gene sequence which could help mankind. His partner, James Forte, disagreed with his intent to release the sequence publicly so planted drugs on him and paid a judge to incarcerate him in a South American prison. While being locked up, Forte not only patented the sequence as his own but stole his wife Sadie as well. Eventually he was able to pay off a guard to fake his own death and escape. He returned to Miami and broke into Forte's house trying to find a way to get the secuence back and have it copied to release publicly; instead he was caught by Jesse and Fiona who were doing security and eventually ended up as one of Michael Westen's clients.
Seen in episodes: 71

David (Benito Martinez)

Photo of Benito Martinez playing Burn Notice TV character David
An altruistic physician who has spent time in 3rd-world clinics in Brazil and Uganda.  He thought he could handle the heroin dealers who had set up shop outside his Miami clinic but was beaten up after calling the police several times. His girlfriend/assistant physician Lauren was the former physician of Madeline Westen who, through subterfuge and trickery, committed her son Michael to 'see what he can do.' Despite that, he continually disliked everything M tried to do for him to the point that M had to physically remove him to Madeline's garage with Jesse for his own safety.
Eventually, Madeline convinced M that the only way to handle someone like David was to let him think HE was the hero and it worked. M set him up to the gang leader, Vince Cutler, as being a crazed, former black-ops merc who was just trying to live in peace and not above blowing everything Cutler had to smithereens. After Ms whole team blew up Cutler's stash house and destroyed all his product, created an elaborate con and false IDs, and peppered the ground with bullets, Cutler left town and David became the 'hero' who went back to work at his clinic.
AKA: Himself [a former black-ops 'merc'] (49)
Seen in episodes: 49

David (Javier’s son) (Mauricio Suarez)

Burn Notice TV character David (Javier’s son) played by Mauricio Suarez, photo
The elementary aged child of Javier who was being bullied at school. MW saved him from being kidnapped by his father’s boss and taught him the tactics of how to fend off the bullies at school. As of season five, David holds the exclusive honor of being the only character that Michael has actually taught something to in an episode. When he saw that a group of bullies had given him a black eye, Michael taught him how to defend himself through using tactic's. We actually got to see it work.
Seen in episodes: 1

Denise O'Lear (Michele Nordin)

Photo of Michele Nordin playing Burn Notice TV character Denise O'Lear
A friend of Sam's girlfriend who he conned Michael into helping. Her husband, now divorced, had gone off the deep end after his brother had been killed in Afganistan and joined a militia group. He did not bring their son, Tommy, back after a weekend visit so she wanted MW, an ex-ranger as well, to go talk him into bringing her son back. Instead the guy fled to the military compound and Michael had to fight the extremist nutbag in charge to get the boy back.
Seen in episodes: 69

Detective Garza (Antonio Jaramillo)

Burn Notice TV character Detective Garza played by Antonio Jaramillo, photo
An arrogant cop who began acting as judge and jury and using crooked means to frame people he thought of as criminals to get them into prison. His partner was killed by a mafia, drug kingpin, Sherrod Washington, and he went after him with a vendetta. He had a CI (confidential informant) inside Washington's gang who was feeding him information. Unfortunately the CI, Marcus, was also a wife-beater who nearly killed his wife and basically let him do it so as not to loose his intel source. Double unfortunately Ayn Reeds, the sister of Marcus' wife, didn't stand for it and killed him. Ayn went into prison for six years then met Fiona doing her 'time.' She helped Fiona and in return was set up to be eligible for a pardon at her next hearing. Triply unfortunately, Garza became so upset at her release that he planted marijuana in Ayn's apartment to get her re-imprisoned; which got Fiona and the 'gang' on his case. He almost, but didn't, fall for their blackmail scheme and decided to make a grand stand to take Washington down himself. He went flailing into Washington's neighborhood with loud accusations – thinking that his own public death would get Washington arrested. So, fortunately, Michael and the troop stopped Washington from beating him and coerced them into surrendering. We weren't shown the details as to how exactly; but, that got Ayn released. (92)
Seen in episodes: 92

Detective Paxson (Moon bloodgood)

Photo of Moon bloodgood playing Burn Notice TV character Detective Paxson
An arrogant, tom-boy cop whose tactic is to be a “stalker with a badge.” She is so in your face aggressive that one of her criminal suspects was able to get a restraining order against her. She dogged behind MW until he had to take measures to cut her off.  She was so clean that Sam couldn’t find a way to blackmail her off their backs and M decided that whether she wanted it or not she would be his “client” and get some help with her bad guy. M finally was able to tell her that she could either close her biggest case or continue to come after him and have her case unravel.
Seen in episodes: 32

Diane (Cindy Pickett)

Burn Notice TV character Diane played by Cindy Pickett, photo
The mother of Andy who was in financial straits due to her medical bills from her cancer. She was kidnapped by Baranski, a loan-shark who Andy had borrowed money from in order to help with her bills. She was released when MW conned the con-man who had stolen Andy’s borrowed money into giving it back (among other things.)
Seen in episodes: 15

Doug Baker (Anthony Starke)

Photo of Anthony Starke playing Burn Notice TV character Doug Baker
The controller of a company who he accidentally found was doing illegal things. The FBI came to him for information and eventually coerced him into turning states evidence. He reluctantly agreed but then was targeted by an assassin who killed his wife and came after his son.  He sent is son into hiding and went into hiding himself. A spy who M had met in the distant past convinced Lucy (who also knew M) to recommend her to M under a disguised name. Pretending to be his wife and that Doug had absconded with their son she manipulated M into finding Doug for her.  That, of course, made him Ms new client when the ruse was discovered. M eventually rescued him from the assassin who committed suicide rather than being taken in.
Seen in episodes: 10

Dougie (Daniel Franzese)

Burn Notice TV character Dougie played by Daniel Franzese, photo
Sugar's cousin who unwittingly was befriended by a mastermind thief. He is living in a group home and on a work placement program at a flower mart where an armored car makes a regular stop, usually late in the day. Sugar feels quite protective of him and tried to 'convince' the thief, Lynch, to leave him alone but was beaten up so he turned to his old neighbor - MW. Fiona had to shame M into taking them as clients but M probably did it more for Dougie than Sugar. They were not only able to extract Dougie from the plans but foil them as well.
Seen in episodes: 40

Elena (Olga Jane Shimansky)

Photo of Olga Jane Shimansky playing Burn Notice TV character Elena
The sister of Katya, Nate Weston’s friend, a russian who tried to get to America by paying some man who turned out to be a slave trafficker and who held her captive for ransom. Nate conned MW into assisting with an extraction which escalated into a full fledged interrogation where Mike had to let himself be 'captured' as well in order to find out where she was being held. She, and several other girls were rescued 'off the books' so no mention of where she currently resides.
Seen in episodes: 16

Emily (Jean Louisa Kelly)

Burn Notice TV character Emily played by Jean Louisa Kelly, photo
The wife of “Josh” who was bilked out of her life’s savings by a womanizing con-man from England, Charles Archer. Fortunately, for her, she was a friend of a friend of Fiona’s who hired her for help and ended up being one of MWs clients when they had to run through plans A through D. The boat which she had built with her deceased husband had to be torched in order to sell the con that Archer had killed her. She got all her money back.
Seen in episodes: 55

Ernie Paseo (Esai Morales)

Photo of Esai Morales playing Burn Notice TV character Ernie Paseo
The owner of a variety store in a troubled area of Miami which was being targeted by a 'protection racket.' When Choncha Ramirez, a thug in a dress, began shaking down all the stores in the area he decided to stand up to her by trying to organize other store owners. Unfortunately Choncha didn't really want the money per se, but was trying to run them out and take their property. Fortunately he was friend with a former client of MWs, Javier, who told him about Ms abilities. He offered to pay M to rid the area of their nemesis.
Seen in episodes: 7

Ethan Reed (Matt Lauria)

Burn Notice TV character Ethan Reed played by Matt Lauria, photo
A former Ranger in Afganistan who served with the same C.O. that Michael Westen served with: Captain Novak. He is like M in other ways as well. He is full of anger and impulsiveness, he actually beat the sharpshooting record formerly set by M – 94% at 600 meters, and he has been hounded by CIA recruiters. While overseas his sister, Heather, started going around with a scumbag, Brandon DePaolo, who was involved in medicare cons. Brandon skimmed some of the money, ostensibly to 'do something nice for Heather' but his boss, Brad Ramsey, found out and beat Heather into a coma. M agreed to help but Ethan's anger, impulsiveness and inexperience nearly destroyed their mission several times. Sam said 'watching Ethan work a cover was like watching a baby take its first steps, only… you know, less adorable.' He seemed to strike a responsive chord with Madeline who eventually went to bat for him in getting M to show more patience and finally mentor him into successfully completely destroying Ramsey's holdings as well as sending him and his gang to jail. He told M that he had decided to listen to the CIA recruiters. [This character was so closely designed to copy Michael that he was known to the cast and crew as 'Little Michael']
Seen in episodes: 67

Evan (Brando Eaton)

Photo of Brando Eaton playing Burn Notice TV character Evan
The spoiled brat son of Sam Axe's sweetheart, Elsa. His mother is a single mom, owner, manager of a very swank and large hotel who brokes no nonsense. She wanted Evan to go to Yale and take over the business but he would have none of it - probably because he would have none of anthing that required work. After years of neglecting his discipline, and catering to his every whim, she decided to practice 'tough love' and cut off his credit cards. His only reaction was to begin stealing because 'what else could I do.' He borrowed money from a gangster named Morris who then demanded that he steal a truck from K.C. a club owner. Unfortunately, K.C. was an illegal drug manufacturer and it took both Sam, Jesse and Mike to extract him from certain death.
Seen in episodes: 87

Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar)

Burn Notice TV character Fiona Glenanne played by Gabrielle Anwar, photo
Even though she told M that she was “NOT one of your damn clients” – when her old enemy Thomas O’Neill came after her, she was, whether she liked it or not. Fiona had foiled O’Neill’s plan to bomb a prep school so he had been looking for her for years and had found her again when she contacted her mother to some back home. M, Sam and Sean, her brother, helped extract her from O’Neill’s clutches but M was “outed” as American in the process and she as having helped him – she could not go home.
Seen in episodes: 37

Gillian Walsh (Maya Stange)

Photo of Maya Stange playing Burn Notice TV character Gillian Walsh
A long time worker with security clearance at X.S.G. who did a favor for her “friend” Melissa and ended up getting blackmailed into helping with a drug smuggling ring. Sam’s buddy Pete put her in touch with Sam who drew Michael into helping extricate her from the ring which involved the capture of Sam [Season finale].
Seen in episodes: 11

Hank (Max Perlich)

Burn Notice TV character Hank played by Max Perlich, photo
A sort of ineffectual security guard on the docks who was being beaten up by Tony Carrow's gang and needed to be saved by Jesse Porter, not before he had his hand broken however. He became a client as a possible future asset in obtaining ship manifests for ships from Algeria that Jesse was investigating. He did obtain the manifests which led to a Miami airline hanger, probably were 'cobra,' Jesse's name for his missing contact, hung out. In exchange M and the gang conducted an elaborate con to get Carrow and the family to leave the dock area and leave him in peace.
Seen in episodes: 47

Henry (Larry Clarke)

Photo of Larry Clarke playing Burn Notice TV character Henry
The manager of a private bodyguard company who was targeted by a kidnapper to help with a job. He was beaten up and Fiona’s paramedic boyfriend, Campbell, was called to the scene. MW went undercover to help extract the target from harm and cause the bad-guys to be caught.
Seen in episodes: 21

Howard (Matt Winston)

Burn Notice TV character Howard played by Matt Winston, photo
A newly promoted diamond company manager who was targeted by a kidnapper named Santora to help with a robbery. When he refused, his son Brandon was kidnapped and he was told that if he called the police the boy would be killed. He didn't tell his divorced wife of the kidnapping because he thought she would call the police. Fortunately for them all, his wife's brother, Stevie, who was doing time for forgery, knew Fiona. When her son and ex went missing, Stevie told her to contact Fiona - who, of course brought in M. When the true issues were discovered M began a con which would allow them to rescue the boy and take care of the kidnappers. Fiona played marriage counselor for the episode.
Seen in episodes: 30

Ian Covey (Gregg Henry)

Photo of Gregg Henry playing Burn Notice TV character Ian Covey
A state department friend of Jesse Porter who had, in the course of his job, helped a crooked Indian diplomat, Yash Ahluwalia, smuggle diamonds inside his protected diplomatic pouches. Newspaper articles also talked of murders and other crimes. He told his superiors about it and was told 'hold your nose and do your job.' He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and devised a plan to try and do one final act to redeem his life's work – ask a friend Jesse Porter, to help him. Jesse agreed to help, without being informed about the cancer, and Michael helped make the plans. They stole all the potential buyers money (and car) in order to buy some extra time; then, he introduced Jesse to Yash as a substitute buyer. After vetting Jesse, Yosh agreed to the deal but the plan was aborted when Fiona's scheduled explosions were thwarted by steel plate reinforcements in the walls. He finally revealed his medical diagnosis when Yash moved everything back to India, and told Jesse that he was still going after the guy for killing a state department employee – me. That kind of crime would negate his diplomatic immunity and send him to prison. He said he was going to do it with or without their help; because, he only had 2 months to live anyway. Jesse reluctantly agreed to help and set up Yash to think Ian was trying to kill them both so he would confront Ian about it. Ian shot simulation rounds at Jesse to burst blood packets under his shirt, then took a shot at Yash to drive him into hiding so he could pass Jesse the gun and run out. Yash followed him out front where he made like he was going to shoot again in order to get Yash to shoot first. Cops, previously primed to be in the neighborhood, came rapidly, found him dead, saw no gun, and found no body of Jesse in the house. Yash was arrested.
Seen in episodes: 79

Isabella (Christina Moore)

Burn Notice TV character Isabella played by Christina Moore, photo
A wealthy owner of a fashion design outlet who was murdered by her partner, Damon. She had hired Sam and MW to look into the embezzlement of funds by employee Tim Hastings who had been trying to get her to believe that Damon was the one diverting funds. Unfortunately, for her, Hastings was correct and Damon killed her attempting to frame Hastings. [This is probably the first 'Client' character who has been killed]
Seen in episodes: 42

Isabella Arroyos (Vanessa Lotero)

Photo of Vanessa Lotero playing Burn Notice TV character Isabella Arroyos
The daughter of a South American oil magnate who was targeted for kidnap when they next visited Miami by a cartel who wanted to gain power over some ongoing negotiations. The family  normally hired a bodyguard company so the director of the office was targeted to help. When resisted, he was beat up and Fiona's boyfriend Campbell was called to the scene.  Campbell, after having been involved in a previous 'issue,' thought of Fiona and she, of course, tought of MW.  Being completely unaware of the attempt, she was saved from kidnapping and had a crush on her new, very serious, driver - M.
Seen in episodes: 21

Jack (Charlie Nix – the son of writer/producer Matt Nix)

Burn Notice TV character Jack played by Charlie Nix – the son of writer/producer Matt Nix, photo
The son of Kenny who has an unexplained heart defect and who received months of bogus drugs in a scam his father fell for. MW eventually got his father’s money back so he could receive proper medical treatment. He played ‘army men’ with Fiona and was babysat by Madeline who let him play with MWs old toys – at least those which hadn’t been blown up or taken apart.
Seen in episodes: 22

Jack Yablonsky/Fleetwood (Dash Mihok)

Photo of Dash Mihok playing Burn Notice TV character Jack Yablonsky/Fleetwood
A magician at children’s parties under the name of Fleetwood who was hired by Larry Sizemore to drop Michael Westen’s name as the person who had stolen $2 million from the cartel. M not only had to clear his name but save the bumbling Jack from both the cartel and Larry who wanted to “clean house.”
Seen in episodes: 41

Jake Miller (Scott Michael Campbell)

Burn Notice TV character Jake Miller played by Scott Michael Campbell, photo
The airport security person who was being blackmailed and extorted into ignoring some gun runner’s illicit flights in and out of an airport. He asked Nate Weston to help “fix things” then ended up requiring MWs help.
Seen in episodes: 5

James Bailey (Pete Penuel)

Photo of Pete Penuel playing Burn Notice TV character James Bailey
An all-around good guy he witnessed a murder by the Turkish syndicate and was going to testify against them. While in witness protection a hit-man found him and he had to flee to his girlfriend’s house. Without knowing FBI agents Harris and Lane made him one of MWs clients who first teamed with the hit man to locate him then turned the hit-man from a life of crime while capturing the second team of hit-men sent to kill them all.
Seen in episodes: 53

Jason Bly (Alex Carter)

Burn Notice TV character Jason Bly played by Alex Carter, photo
Agen Jason Bly, sent by the CSS to make Ms life miserable until he capitulated and 'settled down.'  He became so obtrusive that M had to set up a blackmail in order to get him to back off. Which worked until he caught Barry doing something illegal for M and decided to turn the blackmail back on M. They had just decided to go ballistic on each other when they got caught up in a real bank robbery. He was shot and M had to extract the bullet and save all of their lives by setting up 'accidents' which eventually foiled the robbery. After it all, they decided to 'make nice' and give back the phoney blackmail stuff they had on each other. Bly did a favor and found out some information that M needed to know about his burn notice coverup.
Seen in episodes: 25

Javier (David Zayas)

Photo of David Zayas playing Burn Notice TV character Javier
Caretaker for the mansion and grounds of Mr. Pyne a condo-developer. He was accused of stealing jewels, art and antiques from his boss and contacted Lucy for help in clearing his name. He paid MW $4,600 (all he had) to investigate and help him. His boss was actually framing him in order to cover up an insurance scam. He eventually received 5-years severance with benefits and a college fund for his son after a sting and blackmail by MW.
Seen in episodes: 1

Jeannie Anderson (Amy Pietz)

Burn Notice TV character Jeannie Anderson played by Amy Pietz, photo
The step-mother of Drew, the cancer-nurse/new-wife of a man dying in a coma and the mark of a hit by Larry Sizemore which was put out on her by step-son Drew. She was befriended by Fiona protected by MW and rescued by Sam, “Buddy” and Campbell.
Seen in episodes: 20

Jeff Taylor (Michael Jace)

Photo of Michael Jace playing Burn Notice TV character Jeff Taylor
A friend of Nate Westen’s who now runs their family’s body shop with his brother Billy. He got sick which took all of their savings so Billy cut a deal with a drug king-pin, Rivera, to ship Heroin in one of their cars each month. When one of Rivera’s goons stole one of the cars and tried to pin it on the Taylor’s he called Nate as a “Hail Mary Pass” for help. Eventually, MW got them out of trouble.
Seen in episodes: 59

Jenna Reese (Susie Abromeit)

Burn Notice TV character Jenna Reese played by Susie Abromeit, photo
The daughter of a friend of Nate Weston’s who was seduced into ostensibly becoming a model by Carl and Oscar Wilhem. She needed to be rescued, without her knowledge, by MW before she could be sold as a sex slave to someone in Dubai.
Seen in episodes: 4

Jesse Porter (Coby Bell)

Photo of Coby Bell playing Burn Notice TV character Jesse Porter
A counter intelligence agent who was burned when Michael Westen obtained information for Vaughn and inadvertently used his key card which was given to him by Vaughn. He had been looking into a series of wars, assassinations and bombings around the world and had found a connection to a guy - which he surmised had gotten him targeted. He was also the handler for a drug running Asian who turned to a snitch on his terrorist buddies in order to obtain an American life. When the snitch's money was seized by the Chinese during its transfer to American Banks, he blamed Jesse and blackmailed one of Jesse's Contacts into setting him up for a 'snatch and grab.' MW not only 'had his back' from the beginning but also agreed to help him when Jesse asked for help. M was able to extract Jesse from the clutches of Ming Kahn, the snitch, using an extensive and dangerous con. He had the distinction of being asked if he'd like MWs help in locating the man he found to be linked into the wars he was investigating at the time he was burned.
Seen in episodes: 46

Jessica (Kiki Harris)

Burn Notice TV character Jessica played by Kiki Harris, photo
The recently widowed owner of a frozen yogurt parlor whose gambling-addicted husband Paul left her owing $100 grand to a loan shark named Wallace, and being terrorized by his 'collector,' Carter.  After Carter trashed her shop, she asked Nate for some help who in turn put the squeeze on his brother Michael. Along with Sam and Fiona the two undertook a con which revealed Carter was really an undercover FBI agent, got Wallace and his men arrested and prompted Jessica to give a 'free yogurt for life' card.
Seen in episodes: 65

Jimmy (Patrick Fischler)

Photo of Patrick Fischler playing Burn Notice TV character Jimmy
A computer security expert who was targeted by Carla to extract data from a computer that he had installed security on at Security Associates. He fled with his family so Carla kidnapped his wife and daughter, killed his pilot and blackmailed MW into helping him finish the job. Once done, MW helped him fake his own death, obtain his family back and relocate to a different country.
Seen in episodes: 13

Joey (Nicholas Galarza)

Burn Notice TV character Joey played by Nicholas Galarza, photo
A 13 year-old boy who broke into Fiona’s house to steal a gun in order to shoot his step-father who was trying to take him away from his mother in a custody battle. Joey’s step-father, Erik Luna, had beaten he and his brother Danny along with his mother April so she left him. Being very well politically connected and having a gangster for a brother, Erik was taking them just for spite. His situation just happened to pull every string both M and Fiona had so he became a client. They made Erik look crazy enough to institutionalize, and got a $40 thousand windfall to boot.  M told him about his own childhood and he decided that he should 'eat a lot of yogurt' just like M.
Seen in episodes: 35

John Beck (Keith Diamond)

Photo of Keith Diamond playing Burn Notice TV character John Beck
A Miami raised pirate who doesn’t speak Russian but who is very well connected with them because he makes them money. When he came to Miami a Cuban named Montez was the biggest hijacker. He paid one of his men to let him in and stuck a gun in his mouth until he decided to move back to Havana.  Fiona diverted a couple of shipments of P90s from him. M got him kidnapped with him, while meeting to obtain information about a hit, then rescued him from Pyotr Chechik in the Everglades. He grew up in Florida’s backwoods and spent his life fighting to get out of the Mangrove swamps.
Seen in episodes: 34

Josh Wagner (Frank Whaley)

Burn Notice TV character Josh Wagner played by Frank Whaley, photo
The director of 'Help at Home,' a charity for soldiers families who were killed in combat, and who was scammed by Nick Madison into investing and loosing all the charities money. He requested help from first the police and then from his buddy, Sam; but then went to confront Madison by himself to demand the return of his money at gunpoint. Unfortunately, he got both Sam and Michael involved, along with Madison's secretary, and nearly got them all killed and/or arrested by the SWAT team. MW was eventually able to obtain his money back, as well as prevent him from being arrested, but only with the cooperating story from the secretary.
Seen in episodes: 48

Juan Ruiz (John Verea)

Photo of John Verea playing Burn Notice TV character Juan Ruiz
A money launderer “asset” of Sam’s from his S.E.A.L. days and the war on drugs in Columbia. Ruiz saved Sam’s life by informing him of a Medellin bomb placed in Sam’s hotel, and now needed Sam to take care of his wife and kids after being killed in prison by a La Nacion big dog named Cruz. Cruz had gotten him to help steal some money from La Nacion and now that he was due to be released in a week was afraid he would talk so intended to kill him. M became his cell-mate to protect him and get Cruz caught by his own gang.
Seen in episodes: 54

Katya (Emily Foxler)

Burn Notice TV character Katya played by Emily Foxler, photo
A Russian immigrant working at the same company as Nate whose sister fell into the hands of some Russian smugglers who were holding her ransom. MW needed to go undercover to con the men into releasing her sister.
Seen in episodes: 16

Ken Bocklage (Alan Dale)

Photo of Alan Dale playing Burn Notice TV character Ken Bocklage
He is the CEO of a software company and an antiquities officiando. He bought a sword of Alexander the Great to display at one of his product launches; but, unfortunately he doesn't run his company with as much attention to detail. He hired an internationally renown thief, know to Interpol only as 'Messer Glisson' (Mr. Slippery), and also a small time hood named Andrew Deans who 'Glisson' hired to help create a duplicate and exchange it for the original. Even when Michael Westen made several attempts to explain his situation and help he arrogantly refused and, in fact, pronounced MW to be the thief. Fortunately, despite his arrogance, he became a 'reluctant client' and M foiled the theft and returned the sword. His administrative assistant, Selina (Glisson) went to jail.
Seen in episodes: 50

Kenny (David Barry Gray)

Burn Notice TV character Kenny played by David Barry Gray, photo
The father of Jake, a child with heart problems, who blew his money on a medical scam and then tried to kill himself by running in front of a bus. He found the man who posed as a doctor and gave his son bogus drugs with the help of MW who retrieved his money so Jake could afford some real treatment.
Seen in episodes: 22

Laura (Elayne Wilks)

Photo of Elayne Wilks playing Burn Notice TV character Laura
An elderly neighbor/friend of Madeline Weston’s who was conned and beaten out of her life’s savings. MW retrieved her savings for which she agreed to pay $300, not answer any more contests and not ask how it was done.
Seen in episodes: 2

Lauren (Justina Machado)

Burn Notice TV character Lauren played by Justina Machado, photo
An altruistic physician who followed her boyfriend/partner to establish a community clinic in Miami. When a heroin dealer, Vince Cutler, set up shop outside their Miami clinic David claimed that he could handle the punks and was beaten up after calling the police several times. She happened to be the former physician of Madeline Westen; who, through subterfuge and trickery, committed her son Michael to 'see what he can do.'
David continually disliked and challenged everything that M tried to do for them. Eventually, Madeline convinced M that the only way to handle someone like David was to let him think HE was the hero and it worked. After Ms whole team blew up Cutler's stash house, destroyed all his product, created an elaborate con with false IDs, and peppered the ground with bullets, Cutler left town. David became the 'hero' and they both went back to work at the clinic.
Seen in episodes: 49

Lila Wagner (Michele Feren)

Photo of Michele Feren playing Burn Notice TV character Lila Wagner
The wife of Josh Wagner, the director of 'Help at Home,' a charity for soldiers families who were killed in combat. Her husband was scammed in an investment schem by Nick Madison and lost all the charities money. They requested help from first the police and then from their buddy, Sam; but before Sam could talk with them Josh went to confront Madison by himself and demand the return of the money at gunpoint. Unfortunately, that got both Sam and Michael involved, along with Madison's secretary, and nearly got them all killed and/or arrested by the SWAT team. MW was eventually able to obtain the charities money back, as well as prevent Josh from being arrested; but, only with the cooperating story from the secretary.
Seen in episodes: 48

Mack (Rus Blackwell)

Burn Notice TV character Mack played by Rus Blackwell, photo
A former S.E.A.L. companion of Sam’s who became a detective for the Houston Police Department. An eight year investigation went sour when the child predator, Rincon, faked his own death by blowing up his apartment when Mack’s unit tried to extract him. Mack was suspended and his cases were supposedly in jeopardy so he sought the help of Sam whose wife, Amanda, he had married. He eventually reconciled with Sam after recovering Rincon and the meddling of Madeline.
Seen in episodes: 39

Marcela Flores (Alexa Kuve)

Photo of Alexa Kuve playing Burn Notice TV character Marcela Flores
The daughter of a deceased repo-business partner of Virgil Watkins who runs a medical relief agency which was pirated. MW helped track down the pirates and return their pharmaceuticals.
Seen in episodes: 19

Melanie Blake (Marla Sokoloff)

Burn Notice TV character Melanie Blake played by Marla Sokoloff, photo
The daughter of artist J.D. Blake who was killed by Scott Chandler and Jacob Orr over a painting worth millions. When Melanie heard that the painting was being sold on the black market, she took a job in Chandler’s office to spy on him. When Chandler got suspicious MW had to step in and help her retrieve the painting and take down the culprits.
Seen in episodes: 24

Nate Westen (Seth Peterson)

Photo of Seth Peterson playing Burn Notice TV character Nate Westen
The ner-do-well brother of Michael Westen, a compulsive gambler, car thief and amatuer con-man who came back to Miami and announced that he was attempting a deal to start a limosouine service. Unfortunately, the 'deal' was merely a ruse of gangster 'Brennan' in order to 'fit the Westen brothers for body bags' and have M steal something for him at the same time.  To up the ante when M began to resist, Brennan shot Nate in the arm to make a point. To Brennan's surprise M was able to extract Nate from the deal by setting up a blackmail of of his own on Brennen. [See also under Recurring Characters]  
Seen in episodes: 31

Nick Lam (Kelvin Yu)

Burn Notice TV character Nick Lam played by Kelvin Yu, photo
A somewhat less than intelligent house-sitter who had pretended to his fiancé to be wealthy and who was then kidnapped for ransom. As a friend of Veronica’s, Sam (and then MW) was asked to step in and help retrieve the girl.
Seen in episodes: 9

Patricia (Rebecca Lowman)

Photo of Rebecca Lowman playing Burn Notice TV character Patricia
The sister of one of Fiona’s bail-jumpers who was now doing time for forgery but who referred her to Fiona to help lean on her divorced husband who wasn’t letting her see her son. When they found that Brandon had been kidnapped that set MW into retrieving him.
Seen in episodes: 30

Paul Anderson (Burt Reynolds)

Burn Notice TV character Paul Anderson played by Burt Reynolds, photo
A retired American spy who had gotten himself back on the radar because of something he had posted on the internet. In ’86 the Russians had hunter/killer satellites which could fly into com satellites and knock them out, which Sam had heard about.  He had a source in the Kremlin but he had to play it off the book because of a “num-nuts” congressman, Bill Cowley, (current chairman of the house intelligence oversight committee). He got drunk and posted a flame about Cowley which “outed” him now to the Russians.
AKA: Paul Vandermark (51)
Seen in episodes: 51

Paul Burkowski (John Ross Bowie)

Photo of John Ross Bowie playing Burn Notice TV character Paul Burkowski
The brother of Barry who works in 'financial' at the Dade County Teachers Credit Union. Unfortunately, a crook stole the credit union's computer server and made it look like Paul had done it. Fortunately, his brother Barry knew Michael Weston and was able to obtain help. Michael, at substantial risk to himself was able to find out that an Atlanta syndicate boss named Dean Myers had hired an arrogant, vicious, read-headed hacker named Eve to steal, hack and decrypt the teachers private data. In turn she had hired a behemouth thug named Griffin Kehl to hire on as a janitor at the credit union and do the deed. With the help of Fiona, Jesse and Sam -- along with Max (of the CIA) and Barry, M was able to retrieve the server, albeit in charred pieces, as well as hog-tie both Myers and Eve for the police to find. Fiona helped him overcome a bit of his animosity toward Barry and his life-style and he gave Michael a new distributor for the Charger as a token payment for their services.
Seen in episodes: 66

Paula Foster (Mandy June Turpin)

Burn Notice TV character Paula Foster played by Mandy June Turpin, photo
A friend of Madeline Westen who was having problems with someone she had met on the internet.  Madeline manipulated M into giving advice wich didn't seem to work.  So she came back again to ask what she do with a man who seemed to have attached himself to her and won't quit. M and Sam went to have a talk with the guy but found that he was completely fictitious. When she saw the guy lurking outside her bank she called in M who accidentally brought in his 'tail' Agent Bly. Her stalker turned out not to be a stalker but a robber who planned to kill them all. M did extract them all from the robbery with the outside aid of Sam and Fioina.
Seen in episodes: 25

Raymond (Sugar) (Arturo Fernandez)

Photo of Arturo Fernandez playing Burn Notice TV character Raymond (Sugar)
He was shot in the knee by MW in order to get him to leave the apartment where he was living, under the loft used by MW. Now his mentally challenged cousin, Dougie, was being befriended by a ruthless robber, Lynch, to use him in a robbery. He was beat up by lynch when he tried to intervene so hired MW. When he still didn’t listen to M and leave town he was targeted and shot by Lynch so needed to be rescued as well. [See also under Recurring: Naughty]
AKA: Sugar
Seen in episodes: 40

Ricky Watkins (Ben Watkins)

Burn Notice TV character Ricky Watkins played by Ben Watkins, photo
A man Nate's age who was childhood friends with the Westen family. His brother, Andre, was Michaels best childhood friend and was doing 25 to life in prison. He became head accountant for Valentine Enterprises; but, was being set up for embezzling $2 million from the “charity account” by former-ganster, hip-hop rapper Valentine’s number two man: Eddie Ash. Mike conned Eddie into attempting to kill Ricky while Valentine listened to him confess about the scam. (18)
Later, after Andre had been released from prison and killed, he asked again for help from Michael. They were able to trace a phone call to Dolly, a friend of Andre's, and find out that Dion Carver had killed Andre. By that time Michael was involved and was able to concoct an elaborate ruse which got Dion blamed for attempting to kill the other 'shot-callers' in the area and forceh him to confess in order to obtain police protection. (76)
Seen in episodes: 18, 76

Ryan Baruchel (Uncredited)

Photo of Uncredited playing Burn Notice TV character Ryan Baruchel
The 10-year old son of Detective Pete Baruchel who was killed in a plot by his partner, Pete Jackman, because he got too close to finding out about his dirty activities. His partner had killed some drug dealers and stolen their Heroin. When Ryan's dad found out Pete had a drugee, Tim, kill him and begin blaming his dad for being 'dirty.' Fortunately, his father knew Sam Axe who began investigating and found the truth then instigated a con to get Pete caught in a trap and exhonerate his dad.
Seen in episodes: 60

Ryoko Maji (Eiko Nijo)

Burn Notice TV character Ryoko Maji played by Eiko Nijo, photo
The VP of sales for Pacific Rim Industries whose cousin was kidnapped by human traffickers. Her family, living in a small village near Kyoto Japan, called to ask for help with saving her cousin who was enticed by gansters with a free trip to America which turned into a kidnapping. She went to the firm who provided security for her company to ask for help; who, as it turned out, just happened to be Jesse. Before it was over, Michael, Sam, Fiona and even Madeline had joined in the capture and interrogation of the Yakuza  ganster named Takeda and release of the girls.
Seen in episodes: 64

Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell)

Photo of Bruce Campbell playing Burn Notice TV character Sam Axe
Sam Axe became a client when he was attempting to extract a client of his own, Gillian, from being blackmailed by heroin dealers Kent and Mellissa. Mellissa had posed as a blackmail victim and lured Gillian into helping which eventually ended up in full blown smuggling. Sam found out that Kent and Mellissa worked for the number one herion dealer in Miami, Glenn Harrick; but, only after Harrick captured him spying with Fiona on a drug deal.  Fiona escaped but he was taken hostage in order to 'clean house' by finding Fioina.  He was beaten severely but signaled M through a pose in a photograph that it was a trap and to not try and rescue him. Of course he was rescued midst fire and glory.
Seen in episodes: 12

Samantha Keyes (Dina Meyer)

Burn Notice TV character Samantha Keyes played by Dina Meyer, photo
She appeared asking for help to retrieve her kidnapped son from Brennen, a black-market trader, and announced that she was Ms ex-fiancé. Brennen had made her steal a chip from A.F.C. Industries where she gotten a job and a traceable security badge in order to do it. M knew her in Saint Petersburg in ’97 helping with a job and “things moved quickly.” He “realized that we didn’t have what we needed to make it last” (actually M called it off because he had met Fiona). Because Brennen had booby-trapped her son with a bomb, they had to let him have the stolen device; but, worked a con to make him want the chip put back and leave before anyone found out. She is a Pisces, has a seven year-old son (not Michaels), has family in Chicago and proposed to M; but he called it off ostensibly after he met Fiona.
- The job in St. Petersburg with M involved hiding something in a false wall of a truck to sneak into an otherwise impenetrable area. (27)
Seen in episodes: 27

Sarah Aikins (Laura Regan)

Photo of Laura Regan playing Burn Notice TV character Sarah Aikins
The wife of multi-millionaire Christian Aikins who was kidnapped along with her security consultant, Fiona, by a Mexican kidnapping team. Through no fault of her husband’s she wasn’t killed and rescued by MW.
Seen in episodes: 52

Sophia (Jacqueline Pinol)

Burn Notice TV character Sophia played by Jacqueline Pinol, photo
A DEA agent who had been undercover trying to bust a drug cartel for several years. Even though she had tried to be unnoyticed one of the drug bosses became possive of her which she knew would have gotten her pulled from the case if her bosses found out.  She knew of M through an incarcerated drug kingpin so targeted his help by signing up for a cooking class she knew Sam was taking with Veronica. M did end up helping her even after he found out her ruse; but when she told him she owed him one, he asked her to 'keep the rumors just rumors.'
Seen in episodes: 14

Sophie Stagner (Natalie Dreyfuss)

Photo of Natalie Dreyfuss playing Burn Notice TV character Sophie Stagner
A self-centered airhead more concerned about going to a high school dance than her mother's or her own safety. Even after she had seen her mother accept moving out of their apartment into Madeline's garage, and MW place inordinate numbers of security measures around, it she still broke out of the back wall and went to her school dance. Then she whined about M 'ruining her life' until goon's came after her with guns.
Seen in episodes: 3

Spencer Watkowski (Michael Weston)

Burn Notice TV character Spencer Watkowski played by Michael Weston, photo
A “rain-man” type mathematician who “calculated” MWs existence and got his address from hacking the internet. A “flower-man” at Stone Kittredge, he saw a pattern convincing him that a VP was killing off spies (of course he called them aliens). Then he assisted MW in conning the traitor, Shannon Park, into revealing herself to the feds. Eventually, Sam got him a crypto job with a buddy in the tech industry where medication came with the job. In parting he told M that he was lucky to have people he could talk to that he could trust; and, that if he ever could do anything for M he'd be glad to.
Seen in episodes: 33

Stuart (Chris Conner)

Photo of Chris Conner playing Burn Notice TV character Stuart
A Boca based medical con artist chosen by Natalie Rice to help with a con on MW and Fiona – his last one. Per Natalie's plan, he claimed he was the brother of a woman who was being held captive by a Venezuelan diplomat, Marco, and wanted Michael Westen's help in getting her back – which is how he became a client. Unfortunately, for him, even after he obtained bruises for the con, the ruse was found out and, being dispensable, Natalie shot and killed him.
Seen in episodes: 58

Tanya Jensen (Rayvon Chelsea Casamayor)

Burn Notice TV character Tanya Jensen played by Rayvon Chelsea Casamayor, photo
The younger sister of Corey who was attacked by Felix Cole. When her brother beat up the gangster who did it, MW had to step in and prevent Cole from killing him.
Seen in episodes: 23

Thomas McKee (Chris Payne Gilbert)

Photo of Chris Payne Gilbert playing Burn Notice TV character Thomas McKee
Doofus who was set up and charged with theft of a 2 million dollar broach – “spidey looking thing.” He fled and was retrieved by bounty hunter Fiona – then MW helped prove his innocence as a favor for Fiona.
Seen in episodes: 8

Tim Hastings (Rick Kelly)

Burn Notice TV character Tim Hastings played by Rick Kelly, photo
An employee of Isabella’s fashion design house who was framed for her murder by the co-partner, Damon. He fell under the protection of MW and Sam when they were investigating him for possible embezzlement when Isabella was killed.
Seen in episodes: 42

Tina (Tyne Daly)

Photo of Tyne Daly playing Burn Notice TV character Tina
A sixty-five year-old widow who works in the records department at the county records office and is completely immune to Sam’s charming ways. She was used as an asset in breaking up an insurance scam ring but became a friend of Madeline’s requiring that M then break in to the record office building to help her keep her job.
Seen in episodes: 38

Tommy O'Lear (Thor Wahlestedt)

Burn Notice TV character Tommy O'Lear played by Thor Wahlestedt, photo
The asthmatic son of John and Denise O'Lear, divorced, who was kidnapped by his dad into a para-military compound run by Zechariah an extremist nutbag.  He spent most of the show either sleeping or unconscious as Michael Weston concocted an elaborate scheme to retrieve him.
Seen in episodes: 69

Trevor (Maurice Compte)

Photo of Maurice Compte playing Burn Notice TV character Trevor
An ex-con, getaway expeditor who sought out MW then his old gang boss was blackmailing him in to helping in a jewel heist. He said he had been cell mates with a crook who said that a guy named Michael had screwed the whole thing up. He promised his son that he’d go straight and was determined to do so. M set up the heist to fail and made it look like the boss was double-crossing the rest of the gang – thus allowing Trevor to keep his promise to his son. M set the job up to fail and look like Timo had double-crossed the rest of the gang – so they took care of him.
Seen in episodes: 17

Victor Stecker-Epps (Michael Shanks)

Burn Notice TV character Victor Stecker-Epps played by Michael Shanks, photo
[See also under Antagonists: the Organization] An unusual accomplishment, M turned this “enemy of my enemy” into a “friend” (of sorts) by saving him from the clutches of Carla. At Ms mercy he had no choice but to tell M about his history and how he was “recruited” by Carla into the black-ops organization. She had killed his wife and son as his “recruitment” and he had spent 5 years alone under her thumb. After opening up, he became a client of Ms and both set out to take down Carla by blackmailing her into backing off with documents about her rogue personal activities. And, fortunately for M, he also was able to explain why they had both been burned and a bit about the organization who had done it. He was mortally wounded in the chest by Carla’s sniper then begged M to prevent him from being re-captured by the organization. M reluctantly assisted him in his wish. (28)
Current Location: Deceased
Seen in episodes: 18, 26, 27, 28

Virgil Watkins (Chris Ellis)

Photo of Chris Ellis playing Burn Notice TV character Virgil Watkins
A friend of Sam’s from his S.E.A.L. Days, (Panama, Iraq, China), who now is a “boat repo guy.” Sam claimed that Virgil had 'saved his life: in the past - actually he had given Sam a second chance when Sam had done 'something that he shouldn't have.'  Virgil was contacted by a cop to reposess a boat from Andre Dekker but was severely beaten. He called in the favor from Sam which eventually involved Michael as well; because the cop was 'dirty' and was setting-up Virgil to steal several million dollars which was hidden under the boat's deck. Dekker kidnapped Virgil to ransom for his money back. While M was risking his life to help, Virgil chatted up Madeline and seemed incredulous that M would take issue and send him home once they rescued him from the kidnappers. (6)
He did return to Miami however, this time trying to pimp Michael's services for the daughter of one of his friends. In spite of Sam's saying that 'we're even and I don't owe him any more' the last time they had to rescue Virgil, Sam took Virgil's side in manipulating M into another job. And, incredibly, Virgil disrespected M so much that he stole his underwear then guffawed about it. M told him that he didn't want him to contact his mother because 'you attract bullets' and he flippantly replied 'what's a few bullets. Virgil's job was to recover some pirated drugs which has been stolen from a relief agency and it was accomplished again with M risking his life to go undercover. (19)
Seen in episodes: 6, 19

William Resnick (Rick Gomez)

Burn Notice TV character William Resnick played by Rick Gomez, photo
A high-end weapons engineer whose daughter, Sophie, was kidnapped by a Liberian war-lord, Joseph Kamba, in order to force him to build a rocket. His plan was to get a missile which would carry a warhead to Monrovia from the Sierra Leon border, beyond that he didn't reveal. He was being kept under guard at an abandoned plant which had been reactivated under the guise of a Liberian chemical company. His daughter was being held hostage at a rented house. Fortunate for him, his call to order some missile parts was intercepted by the CIA which, along with the fact he had been 'off the grid' for quite awhile, led them to believe he'd gone rogue and sent Michael Westen to lead a team into finding out. With a lot of help from Sam, Jesse and Fiona his daughter was released, the plant and missile were blown up, mercenaries were killed and Kamba was captured and imprisoned. The company relocated both he and his daughter to somewhere undisclosed and safe.
Seen in episodes: 77

Winston (Rich Sommer)

Photo of Rich Sommer playing Burn Notice TV character Winston
A pretty flakey lawyer who impounded a clients bike for her over a divorce settlement.  The 'ex' turned out to be the enforcer for the 'breakers' biker gang and too out a hit on him.  He hired Sam and Fiona to protect him but the issue came apart and needed some 'Michael Westen.' Fortunately, MW was just back from his forced encounter with Vaughn and dealing with a gun runner in South America. Eventually he was able to assist in saving the life of Big Ed, the Breaker leader, which took off the hit, got him a neat leather vest and a new tatoo. (45)
Seen in episodes: 45

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